Introducing Jay Tighe

Raised in the Midwest, Jay Tighe has always had a love for music.  Whether it was singing or songwriting, he found himself inspired by all types of genres from his first taste of country music in Kenny Rogers to the Motown sounds of the Jackson 5, to the pop perfection of vocalists like George Michael.  One thing Jay knew is, music would be something that would be a part of his life forever.  He grew up finding a love for writing music and being the storyteller with singing.  No other form of communication could tell a story like a good song.  Always learning and growing, Jay finished college earning both a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree and then made the move to music in full force.  The release of his debut independent album DRIVEN features some of Nashville’s best musicians and was produced by Otto D’Agnolo with Jay Tighe.  DRIVEN is the perfect title for Jay’s debut album as he was in complete control of the project from writing all the material to co-producing to designing the album packaging to guaranteeing a creative and amazing debut video.  Every detail mattered.   

Jay’s lead track off DRIVEN is the catchy country sing-a-long RED FLAGS dealing with the warning signs of any new relationship.  The song is accompanied by an incredibly fun video directed by Nayip Ramos in which Jay is seen battling the outcomes of ignoring the red flags.  The follow-up single is the anthem DRIVEN with a video guest starring MMA champion Keith Kirkwood.  The final single off the album is the ballad ALL TO ME which features a stunning video shot on the island of Oahu in Hawaii and is all about love.  The song is an instant fan favorite and has wedding song written all over it.   
Other key tracks on the album include SATURDAY NIGHT (GET IT) - a weekend party anthem with an infectious hook and TATTOO THIS – a non-love song.  The album’s opening track DRIVEN clearly sets the stage for 11 well-crafted songs with enough diversity to keep it fresh, yet full of radio friendly melodies.   

The release of the album quickly set the stage for a man who quickly found a large following on social media well over 150,000 followers.  His faithful fans supported him as he took the stage across the country – anywhere to promote his music whether it was in bars, county fairs, as opening act for artists like Sugarland and Jason Aldean, or even the occasional National Anthem performance at MLB and NHL games.  Jay’s background in marketing, his professionalism and drive for success, and passion for performing are what continue to help develop his brand.  

Eternally grateful for his fans and their support, Jay promises much more to come.  As a thank you to them, Jay released his STRIPPED EP featuring acoustic versions of some of the songs from his debut album including RED FLAGS, DRIVEN, and an incredible piano  and strings version of ALL TO ME

Since releasing the album, DRIVEN, Jay has been busy releasing singles including SMALL TALKIN', YOU SHOULD'VE TOLD ME, and more recently ROAD TRIPPIN'.  His music has streamed over 1 million times now thanks to the support of his incredible fans.